Liste des morceaux

Blew / Blue Floyd the barber About a girl School Big cheese Paper cuts Negative creep Scoff Swap meet Mr. Moustache Sifting Downer / Donner Love buzz Smells like teen spirit / Teen Gothic In Bloom Come as you are Breed / Imodium Lithium / Lythium Polly Territorial Pissings Drain you Lounge act Stay away Pay to play (demo de Stay Away) On a plain Something in the way Endless, Nameless Turnaround D-7 / Dee seven / Straight as an arrow (ecrit par les Wipers) Son of a gun Even in his youth Molly´s lips / Mummy´s home Dive / Guide Sliver / Silver / Take me home Stain Been a son / She should, been a son Beeswax Mexican seafood Hairspray queen Aero zeppelin Big long now Aneurysm / Aneurism / Come on over Serve the servants / Sundown Scentless apprentice / Away / Out of face Heart-shaped box / Wait Rape me / Break me / Wreck me Frances farmer will have her revenge on Seattle Dumb / Just happy / Ain´t over Very ape / Into the fire - into the dirt Milk it / Test me / Milk cow Pennyroyal Tea / Tired / I´m so tired / Household drugs Radio Friendly unit shifter / Radio friends Tourette´s / Downtown All apologies / What else could I be / Mary Gallons of rubbing alcohol flow through the strip Jesus doesn´t want me for a sunbeam (ecrit par Eugene Kelly et Francis McKee) The man who sold the world (reprise de David Bowie) Plateau (reprise des Meat Puppets) Oh me (reprise des Meat Puppets) Lake of fire (reprise des Meat Puppets) Where did you sleep last night / In the pines Where did You Sleep Last Night (de l'album solo de Mark Lanegan 'The winding Sheet') Down In The Dark (de l'album solo de Mark Lanegan 'The winding Sheet') Spank Through / Spank Thru / Freedom of choice Curmudgeon Oh, the guilt / It takes a time Moist Vagina / MV Talk to Me Ain't It a Shame (avec Mark Lanegan) Do you love me? (reprise de Kiss) Here she comes now (reprise du Velvet underground ) Return of the rat (ecrit par les Wipers) Marigold/ Six Color pictures of a Marigold Verse chorus verse / Everything and nothing / Another rule I hate myself and want to die Happy hour / Happy tour / Token Eastern song Endless, Nameless / The end of music (end of concert) / Noise / Demolition The end (reprise des Doors ) The money will roll right in Sappy Beans Blandest Help me, I`m hungry / Nevermind / Help In his room / In His Hands Born in a Junkyard / Junkyard Opinion Pen cap chew If you must Misery loves company / The extreme / Spectre Closure / Drum solo High on the hog / Alcohol The 'Preist' they called him (Kurt joue de la guitar sur cette histoire ) On the mountain / You got no right Raunchola / Run Rabbit Run It´s closing soon / Closing soon (avec Courtney Love) Formaldehyde "Phone conversation" (du single de Sliver) Baba O` Riley (reprise des Who) Sweet Emotion jam (reprise d' Aerosmith ) Final flight Jealousy Yes! , she´s my skinhead / She is my skinhead - Yes, she is my skinhead Anorexorist Bikini Twilight (joue avec le groupe Go team) Clean Up Before She Comes Rock Whore / Crisco Dazed and confused / Jam (Led Zeppelin) Immigrant song (Led Zeppelin) Maiden Circle Moby dick / Moby dick jam (led Zeppelin) More than a feeling My Sharona Sweet home Alabama (reprise de Lynyrd Skynyrd ) Ouroboros is broken Here I am Meltdown A bureaucratic desire for revenge parts 1&2 Mostage of Heck 1&2 Love gun Wild Thing Jam

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